Which events qualify?

Basic outlines to determine if an event qualifies for the calendar.

Events we’ll take care of – We’ll take care of many events that happen at recurring locations or are seasonal in nature.  Items like ‘Jazz On The Lawn’, events at Bridgestone Arena & TPAC, high school and college sports schedules, and more.  If you think of a similar event that isn’t on the calendar, let us know.

User submitted events that qualify – Events to aid non-profit organizations.  Free events.  Public meetings.  Grand openings (ribbon cuttings) for new businesses.  Church events.  Car washes.  Recitals.  School events. Free events supported and promoted by ‘for profit’ businesses.

Events that don’t qualify – Events promoting an existing ‘for profit’ business.  (Entertainment business promotion is subject to change in the future)

Want to be a regular editor?  Got an idea for a specific topic where you’d like to be the regular editor? Let us know.  Regular editors will have to have a basic understanding of WordPress (don’t worry, we’ll teach you).  Think of a topic you’d like to be involved in.

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